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Monday, 5 August 2013

Teacher Gifts

As we approach the end of Henry's 3 years at Kindergarten, we've been busy thinking up something to give his wonderful teachers to say thank you for everything they've done.

We've made cards (nothing too original, but I think they look cute), and the gifts are going to be a plant (probably lavender or a herb), in mosaic decorated terracota pots. We've also made painted stone ladybirds, felt flowers, salt dough bees and paper butterflies to stick into the plants.

So far, this is how things look:

The cards:
simple A4 folded coloured card, a white lined index card with "Danke" in the middle, framed by coloured paper clips and ribbon around the edges. For extra decoration we've stuck on a little wooden owl and flower, plus a small colouring pencil.
The terracota pots, done with a very simple sugar paper mosaic pattern, in dark pink, blue, light pink and green.

The plants will be bought just before we give them, but these are the decorative sticks that will be in them:
 Felt flowers on pencils. I used precut felt flowers in different sizes that I'd bought ages and ages ago, then just cut an orange felt centre for the front.

 A thick felt circle on the back for stabilising, which I poked 2 holes through for the gardening wire, to attach them to the pencils
The bees are made of salt dough dyed with food colouring. They were baked in a low oven for hours and hours and hours, and left in the sun for hours and hours and hours....I'm still not convinced they are completely dry inside.
The wings were left white and glued on later. 

The bees have a hole underneath, as they were going to be pencil tops, but it turned out the hole was too small, so I've used wooden chopsticks instead (if I'd had them, thin bamboo canes would also
have looked good):

And finally, we painted small pebbles from the garden to look like ladybirds. I glazed them with some matt spray varnish so the paint doesn't wash off. They have been stuck to those kebab sticks with the flat ends :D  
I'll put photos up once we've assembled everything with the plants, but so far I'm quite pleased with it all: it was fairly easy to do (Henry did most of it himself), looks quite fun and I think (hope!) the teachers will like it too!