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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Those glass magnets that are EVERYWHERE, made a bit easier!

You've seen them all over the internet (here and here for example), I'm sure, those beautiful glass magnets that are fun to do and make great presents.

We've made some for Henry to give his teacher for Christmas.

Well, I thought I'd give them a go, but (being me) I could see how I might simplify the process and make it a bit less fiddly.

What you need:

> glass nuggets (I used 3cm size) or glass mosaic tiles
> circular magnets
> scissors (regular and nail scissors - really!)
> pictures that you want to use, either printed out or from magazines etc
> a good strong craft glue (I used an UHU glue pen)

First, stick the glass nuggets onto the pictures, like this. You do not need to trace around the glass and cut them out or anything like that. Just stick them down onto the bit of the picture you want. As you can see, I printed out little 3x3cm patterns to use. I also (for Henry's teacher) got Henry to draw pictures which I then scanned in, resized and printed out.
Press down well to get out any air bubbles.

Note about the glue: do a small test just smearing some glue on a picture first, esp. if you've printed them yourself, as some glues sort of dissolve the printer ink and make it all smeary. If this happens, you need to find another glue.

Next, let them dry really well (pref. overnight). The next day, cut roughly around each of the nuggets. You can use the regular scissors for this. Then trim round neatly and leaving as little overlap as possible, using the (curved and therefore perfect for the task) nail scissors. You do not need a super-sharp craft knife and a steady hand for this (as in the usual instructions). This is the easy way!
Then, put a thin layer of glue over the back of the magnet AND over the edges of the paper. This will seal it and stop it from peeling off easily. Then stick the magent into the middle and again let dry really well.

And there you have it: finished magnets!

For packaging, I did as many of the other instructions suggest: stuck small metal washers onto card, then put the magents on them, labelled them and popped them into a small, clear pastic gift bag, stapled along the top.

  Next up I'm going to do some square ones with the mosaic tiles I've ordered. Will post them up here as soon as they're done!

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