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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

African Animals - Part 1

We're doing a mini project on African animals this week - reading a bit about them from our Animal Encyclopedia, listening to some stories and then doing a bit of crafting.

The inspiration came from this Deep Space Sparkle torn paper Zebras post.

Here's ours:

Pretty cool, eh?

But then we decided to get really creative. And this is what we did:

1. Potato print brown patches onto cream coloured card. (Can you guess what it's going to be yet?)

2. While that is drying, paint a background picture on another piece of coloured card. We chose a light blue, and painted grass and a tree onto it.
3. On the back of the skin print card, draw a boxy giraffe, as big as possible, and cut it out. Flip over and ta-da! You have a giraffe!

4. When the background is dry, stick the giraffe onto it and add details like horns, eye and tail.

We were really pleased with this technique and can imagine it would work well for lots of animals.

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