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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A simple scrapbook

Or Smash Book, or Journal, or whatever you want to call it; it's a notebook for sticking stuff into.

Henry went to the cinema for the first time ever yesterday, and loved it. He also wants to keep the ticket, as he does with pretty much any scrap of paper that comes his way. His room is full of leaflets, brochures, ticket stubs - in fact, any printed material that he happens to come across and considers important enough to keep.

So it occured to me that instead of having all this stuff just floating around his room and making it even more messy than usual, we could stick it all down in one place. I liked the idea of him having a space that he could put together however he liked, and it would contain things that were important to him. I wasn't looking to make anything too "designy" or beautiful as such. More just a simple, colourful book that he would enjoy flicking through because he'd choosen the stuff that went in it.

The following, therefore, is a very simple, basic tutorial for something that you probably don't need a tutorial for, but it might just give you some ideas.

What You Need
  • coloured card, strong enough to stick stuff to
  • cardboard for making the covers
  • paper for decorating the cover
  • punch hole, craft knife, glue, ruler etc
  • string for binding

I used 3 large sheets of card in red, light blue and yellow (colours chosen by Henry). Cut your card to the size you want - I cut ours in half to make 6 pages. Punch holes along one side of each piece of card; make sure they are exactly in the middle!

To make the front and back covers: the cardboard needs to be about 1cm larger than the card pages on 3 sides. Punch holes in the middle along one side.

Cover both pieces of cardboard with your chosen paper. The inside doesn't have to look great as we're going to stick something on there anyway.

See? Some zig-zaggedly cut and artfully placed scraps of coloured paper hide those unsightly bits in the picture above. This is a good place to put a photo.

Put together all the pages with the front and back covers, thread through the string and tie in a knot. Make sure you leave enough of a loop though so that the pages can lay flat when they're open.

Decorate the front. We will be doing some more work on ours, but so far Henry has chosen to write his name twice, once normally and once backwards, and has done a small illustration (apparently of him in our flat). I can imagine this will look even more funky when we get some stickers on there.

And here's the inside, still blank.

Henry got the idea straight away, though, and was very enthusiastic about the first things we stuck in:

On the left inside cover we put a favourite photo of Henry and a Roman lion statue from our summer holiday, just to get things going. On the first page we have Henry's cinema ticket and I printed off the poster of the movie we went to see. I explained to Henry that he can stick the things in any way he wants, so the layout here is his idea!

I know that there are much better scrapbooks out there, but I think this is a great starter book for us, plus it only took 1/2 hour to make, and I had all the materials at home ie it cost nothing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Henry decides to put in his scrapbook, and hoping that it means a few less scraps of paper littering his room!

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