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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Paper snowflakes

A bit late for this year's Christmas decorations, but I'm going to put this up anyway - at least then I'll remember how to do them next year!

Instructions for these paper snowflakes can be found everywhere, so this is nothing new. But they really are very easy to do, and when stuck up on the windows make everything look lovely and wintery; a really cheap but effective decoration!

You need:
  • A4 white paper (or other - you could use shiny or glittery paper, or bigger or smaller)
  • scissors
  • an iron (not absolutely necessary but you'll see why it's handy)
  • optional glue, glitter etc for decorating
Take your sheet of paper and fold it in half along the middle. The fold one corner over, so the bottom of that corner is in the middle of the folded edge.

 Fold over the other corner in exactly the same way. Cut along the top so that you are left with a perfect triangle. Fold that triangle exactle in half.

The reason for doing all that is so that you get a six-pointed snowflake. Now you're ready to do your snowflake cuts. Make sure you leave enough of the folded edge to hold the snowflake together. Experiment with various shapes and cuts to get different snowflakes.

Carefully open up the paper. Now comes the iron! Because of all the folds you've made, the paper does not really lie flat. So if you iron it gently on a medium low heat, you can get rid of the creases, plus your snowflakes will be completely flat.

If you like, you can now decorate them. I think a little glitter would look nice, or a pearly spray paint.
I just left ours plain and put them up all over the windows.

 We may have only had one day of real snow so far this winter, but that's not stopped us!

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