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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gingerbread Workshop Part 1: a card gingerbread house

A couple of weeks ago, I did a Gingerbread Workshop at the library. I’d had the initial idea way back in September and had been collecting bits and pieces for it since then.
We decorated gingerbread men cookies, read some gingerbread-related stories (more on that later), and made a gingerbread house out of card which we decorated with stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.
A few days before the workshop, I started looking around for a house template that I could use. I found lots, but they all involved making a separate roof and sticking it together, which I didn’t want. I had this vague notion that it should be an all-in-one folding thing to make it as simple and mess-free as possible, and as I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I came up with my own template.

It is very simple. I used large sheets of card, in an appropriately gingerbread-brown colour, sized 50 x 70cm, out of which I got 3 houses. The template shows the original measurements, but you could also print it out on A4 card and make mini gingerbread houses.
 I scored all the folds so all the kids had to do was decorate. For that, we used lots of stickers – I’d wanted to get candy shapes, but couldn’t find any, so we went with hearts, stars, snowflakes and butterflies in a mix of 3d foam stickers and shiny, glittery ones. For the snow along the rooftop and sides, I used my fancy scissors to cut strips from white office stickers. Extra details, like door and windows, were drawn on in white pencil and crayon.  And then the whole thing was folded together and held in place with paper clips. You could also staple it, but this way it can be unfolded flat and packed away until next Christmas.

If you’re not specifically looking for something which needs no drying time (like I was), you could embellish this with lots of glitter or use a white puffy foam pen for details. I think making doors and windows to stick on would be nice too.
Here’s the original size: Click here for the template

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